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Author:  xperience2003 [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Hardwarelib


sry about my bad english! ^^

here some libs for coding amiga ecs/aga stuff
..my main prob with pb-amiga was i don't have a "display"-lib like blitz2 or amos
only intuition screen and it's realy slow
the rainbowlib install coppercolors in a usercoplist..thats great, but
but a "copinstruction"-command for all nice effects is missing..and it's slow too

if someone want to code a game, he have in his mind
big titles like turrican,arcade shooters or jumpnruns and not
some buttons (they also need a external library) on a workbench-screen

all libs work on 680x0 cpu without external librarys
..so nomore a problem to code a 32kb single file game on aga amigas ^^
(thats the reason why i done it =) )

replayerlib - plays some amiga soundformats

FredMonitor, DeltaMusic 2 , Mark II Soundsystem

adds just some words for the playercalls to your exe, the replayroutine
is linked to the module
more formats will be come..like futurecomposer,sidmon,ahx

mathlib - no real mathlib, brings just some commands known from amos or blitz2

Mod, Min, Max, Mul32,Inc, Dec
HighWord, LowWord, Xor and a small Random generator

more under construction

hardwarelib - makes easy to code amiga hardware
a smart mix of inline assembler and pb-commands

install copperlists
StartCoplist, RestoreSystemCoplist, AGAoff

graphic extras/ misc commands
SetPAL, SetNTSC, WaitCopper,WaitBlitter

soundchannel commands, maybe for equalizer?!
FilterOn/Off , GetChannel x Period/Volume

keys and joystick

these libs are for advanced users, u have to know
how a copperlist is working
more commands under construction
like simple display, the coplist will be generated internally
amiga sprites
and a little fx database with some fx like
textwriter at planarbitmaps, repeating spritetrick etc

http://www.filehosting.org/file/details ... liclib.zip

Author:  xperience2003 [ Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hardwarelib

replaylib update

play now some formats more

sonic arranger
music assembler
david whittaker
fred sound


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