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 Post subject: Get path of the Google Drive folder
PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:24 pm 

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for some programs it is useful to know the location of the Google Drive folder on a given system.
(see also my tip "Get path of the Dropbox folder")

Unfortunately I have no opportunity to test this code under Mac OS. So I would highly appreciate it if someone else would do so. :-)

; Code successfully tested with Google Backup and Sync 3.47
; and
; [v] PB 5.71 LTS (x64)
; on
; [v] Windows 10 Pro, version 1903
; [ ] Mac OS

CompilerIf #PB_Compiler_IsMainFile

Procedure.s GoogleDriveFolder ()
   ; -- return the main folder used by "Google Backup and Sync" client,
   ;    with trailing path separator, or "" if not found
   ; after <>
   Protected.i db, i
   Protected dbFile$, query$, ret$=""
   CompilerSelect #PB_Compiler_OS
      CompilerCase #PB_OS_Windows
         dbFile$ = GetEnvironmentVariable("localappdata") + "\Google\Drive\user_default\sync_config.db"
      CompilerCase #PB_OS_MacOS
         ; after <>
         ; (not yet tested)
         dbFile$ = "~/Library/Application Support/Google/Drive/user_default/sync_config.db"
      CompilerCase #PB_OS_Linux
         CompilerError "Sorry, GoogleDriveFolder() is not supported on Linux"
         ; In contrast to Windows and OSX, for Linux there is no official
         ; "Google Backup and Sync" client. One proposed solution is to
         ; integrate Google Drive using Gnome Online Accounts, see e.g.
         ; <>.
         ; However, this does not work on my Linux Mint 19.2 (x64) system.
         ; There are several third party Linux programs for synchronisation
         ; with Google Drive. The name and location of the corresponding
         ; folder depends on the particular program, so it's not possible
         ; to provide a general solution here.
   db = OpenDatabase(#PB_Any, dbFile$, "", "", #PB_Database_SQLite)
   If db
      query$ = "SELECT * FROM data WHERE entry_key='local_sync_root_path'"
      If DatabaseQuery(db, query$)
         If NextDatabaseRow(db)
            i = DatabaseColumnIndex(db, "data_value")
            ret$ = GetDatabaseString(db, i)
            If FileSize(ret$) <> -2          ; If 'ret$' is not an existing folder
               ret$ = ""
   If Asc(ret$) <> '' And Right(ret$, 1) <> #PS$
      ret$ + #PS$
   ProcedureReturn Mid(ret$, 5)   ; discard leading "\\?\"

CompilerIf #PB_Compiler_IsMainFile
   ; -- Demo
   Define GoogleDrive$ = GoogleDriveFolder()
   Debug "Location of Google Drive folder:"
   If Asc(GoogleDrive$) <> ''
      Debug "'" + GoogleDrive$ + "'"
      Debug "not found"

Please excuse my flawed English. My native language is PureBasic.
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