run terminal command

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run terminal command

Post by collectordave »

This always bugs me.

I start the terminal and run this
exiftool -UserComment /Users/dave/Documents/Testexif/482.jpg > /Users/dave/Documents/TestExif.txt"
works perfectly every time.

How can I use Runprogram to run that in the terminal and the close the terminal?
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Re: run terminal command

Post by AZJIO »

I didn't check it

Code: Select all

PathS$ = "/Users/dave/Documents/Testexif/482.jpg"
PathD$ = "/Users/dave/Documents/TestExif.txt"
RunProgram("bash", ~"-c \"exiftool -UserComment '" + PathS$ + "' > '" + PathD$ + ~"'\"", "", #PB_Program_Open | #PB_Program_Read)
I use the following string:

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tmp = RunProgram("bash", ~"-c \"find '" + sPath + "' -type f " + printf$ + ~"' 2>&1\"", "", #PB_Program_Open | #PB_Program_Read)
the command is in double quotes, the paths are in single quotes.
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