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Workarround generate .ASM in PB V3.30
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Author:  BackupUser [ Tue Dec 31, 2002 3:16 pm ]
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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by pbdep.

Hiya all,

In PB v3.30 [LINUX] its not possible to use the -c with the pbcompiler, well yes its possible to use it but output of the
file is put into /tmp/pb-xxxxxx and afterwards deleted.

Here a little trick that alows you
to fetch the PureBasic.asm under linux of your program.

run the following from a second console or in the background ->

while true; do sleep 1;cp /tmp/pb-*/Pure* /yourdir ;done
; replace yourdir with where to store the files

Now when compiling a PB file its going very quick so you
wont be able to simply fetch the files from /tmp/pb-xxxx,
like -> /pcompiler -c test.pb

Instead you must create a delay , who to do that?
Simply use the [strace] command, also allows you to see exec of pbcompiler.

So compiling the PB file you must run the following:
/strace pbcompiler -c test.pb

You will see a long list of executions, but dont worry.
You will finaly find the PureBasic.o and PureBasic.asm in
the yourdir directory.

Greetings, And A Happy 2003!

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