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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2001 6:02 am 
PureBasic Guru
PureBasic Guru

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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by Rings.

PureBasic Linux Bugs and Question Report

Date 1.11.2001 , Version 2.32
I tried to code a simple self-editor for have a compiler-ide,
but failed with some massive problems:

-Commando 'RunProgramm' failed with

PureBasic.o: In function `main':
PureBasic.o(.text+0x6a): undefined reference to `PB_RunProgram'
#He Fred, seems that this is not implemented yet.

Still reports to console instead of open a window

no Wordwrap and there is no Richtextlibrary (like in Windows).

-Procedures (userdefinied)
Some Problems is that when i try to call them, i must
be patient of Low/Uppercase of the calling syntax.
(I have search for over 10 minutes to eliminate this feature (Or Bug)
cause compiler says
Line 62: test() is not a function, an array, or a linked list
so Test() and test() are not the same
please elimnate this problem

Another problem is the ProcedureReturn-Function
it did not return any value !
See code:

Procedure.l Test(Value.l)
MessageRequester("Information", "Value:"+str(Value.l), 0)
MessageRequester("Information", "Value:"+str(Value.l), 0)
; ProcedureReturn=Value.l
MessageRequester("Information", "PROCEDURE-TEST", 0)
MessageRequester("Information", "Value:"+str(Result.l), 0)
MessageRequester("Information", "Value:"+str(var1), 0)
; Result=RunProgram("Test","Parameter",Flags); DID NOT WORK!
End ;

I Don't know if it is a general LINUX-Problem
i'm logged in as root.
CreateDirectory works fine
CopyFile,RenameFile and DeleteFile
Same as Procedures ->PureBasic.asm:116: symbol `pMySUB' undefined

-using variables
same Problem as Procedures an Starting compilation

-InlineAssembler fails
I tried to compile AsmInline.pb and the compiler failed with:
Line 16: 'VALUE' is not a valid operator

-Some wishes for a new version:
Add a simple editor with compile_to and Run-Options.
Better try to code them in PureBasic itself.For a early version there is no need
for Coloring keyqwords.Simple Open/Save-requester etc.
I would do that for you, but I cannot compile the easiest things because
some Things are missing:
Or should we use kwrite ?, It can color different syntaxes and comes
with source.This Textfile is edited in kwrite.

Use a newer Syntax-checker to prevent Errors while compiling.
(Upper/Lowercase sensitive)I Think that is a massive problem.

Some Hints and Tips:
The Freeware packer UPX can compress EXE's, also under Linux.

And some good news:
Most of the stuff works fine.


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