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 Post subject: Linux-PureBasic-ComboBox tweak f. gtk3 width issue
PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:10 pm 

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Under gtk3, non-editable ComboBoxGadgets have the big problem that their width is spread up to the widest popup item text.
Editable ComboBoxGadgets don't seem to have this problem.

I may have found a solution that can work around this problem. Tested with gtk3 on Xubuntu x32 14.04 + 17.04 and Mint KDE 18.3.
The editable ComboBoxGadget is converted to' not editable'.

Requirement: The ComboBox must be created with the flag '#PB_ComboBox_Editable', and for each ComboBoxGadget 'ComboBoxGadgetGadgetGtk3Tweak(#Gadget)' must be called.
Try it sometime. Maybe it will bypass a major gtk3 problem.
ImportC ""
   gtk_widget_set_can_focus(*widget.GtkWidget, can_focus)


; Object constants
#Win_Main  = 0

#CBox1     = 0
#CBox2     = 1

#Img1      = 0
#Img2      = 1

Global.i gEvent, gQuit

Procedure ComboBoxGadget_Gtk3Tweak(Gadget)
   CompilerIf #PB_Compiler_OS = #PB_OS_Linux
      If GadgetType(Gadget) = #PB_GadgetType_ComboBox
         Protected *entry.GtkEntry = gtk_bin_get_child_(GadgetID(Gadget))
         If *entry
            If PeekS(gtk_widget_get_name_(*entry), -1, #PB_UTF8) = "GtkEntry"
               gtk_editable_set_editable_(*entry, #False)
               gtk_widget_set_can_focus(*entry, #False)

Procedure Create_WinMain()
   If OpenWindow(#Win_Main, 0, 0, 500, 180, "ComboBoxGadget gtk3 width fix", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered)
      TextGadget    (#PB_Any,  5,   5, 490,  40, "Tweaked ComboBoxGadget 'editable' as 'non editable'." + #LF$ + "Watch the width-behaviour! It's similar to gtk2.")
      ComboBoxGadget(#CBox1,   5,  50, 100,  21, #PB_ComboBox_Editable | #PB_ComboBox_Image)
      If LoadImage(#Img1, #PB_Compiler_Home + "examples/sources/Data/ToolBar/Open.png")
         AddGadgetItem  (#CBox1, -1, "Tweaked 'ComboBox editable' as", ImageID(#Img1))
      AddGadgetItem (#CBox1,  -1, "replacement for a non editable")
      AddGadgetItem (#CBox1,  -1, "Gtk3-ComboBoxGadget.")
      SetGadgetState(#CBox1,   0)
      TextGadget    (#PB_Any,  5,  90, 490,  40, "The same ComboBoxGadget as PB-Standard 'non editable'." + #LF$ + "The width corresponds to the widest item text in the popup.")
      ComboBoxGadget(#CBox2,   5, 130, 100,  21, #PB_ComboBox_Image)
      If LoadImage(#Img2, #PB_Compiler_Home + "examples/sources/Data/ToolBar/Open.png")
         AddGadgetItem  (#CBox2, -1, "PureBasic gtk3-ComboBox, which", ImageID(#Img2))
      AddGadgetItem (#CBox2,  -1, "has always the width of the widest")
      AddGadgetItem (#CBox2,  -1, "item text.")
      SetGadgetState(#CBox2,   0)


   gEvent= WaitWindowEvent()
   Select gEvent
      Case #PB_Event_CloseWindow
         gQuit= #True
Until gQuit
Regards, Charly

PureBasic 5.4-5.7, Linux: (X/L/K)Ubuntus+Mint - Windows XP (32Bit)
PureBasic Linux-API-Library & Viewer:

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