Manjaro XFCE requirements

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Manjaro XFCE requirements

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Any advice for getting all correct dependencies for PureBasic under Manjaro 17 with XFCE desktop?

I read here that Manjaro had everything needed for PureBasic but maybe things changed with newer versions?

I'm re-visiting Linux after a long break - my Linux knowledge is very, very rusty!!
This fresh install is 32-bit and using the default 'stable' repository branch. I'm using PB 5.61 x86 (also trying out 5.46 Beta 1) lists libgnome-2.0 not found (true - can't see it in the filesystem). No others reported. Is this relevant to Manjaro/Arch?

Compiling a project using GTK3 gives linker errors for several webkit references. Using GTK2 the compile/link appears successful and my program runs but the WebGadget is missing. Search of the filesystem shows libwebkit2gtk exists but not libwebkitgtk. Other parts of my program roughly work, though as expected with many issues caused by my own code!

Using the Package Manager (GUI and pacman command-line) packages named libgnome2-dev, libwebkitgtk-dev or libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev are all not found in the repositories. Tried without the dev part and also with AUR enabled but still nothing.

I ran older versions of PureBasic in the past under a Debian based distro (no longer maintained). The recommended apt-get worked fine, so is there something similar using the Manjaro/Arch package manager?