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5.46 Beta 2 - GTK3 TabBarGadget default font error
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Author:  deeproot [ Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  5.46 Beta 2 - GTK3 TabBarGadget default font error

Not sure if this a a bug? Or where the problem is - PB, TabBarGadget, my code or GTK3?

However, perhaps this is interesting for someone else.

Attempting to load my program results in:
[ERROR]TabBarGadget.pbi(Line 1937)
[ERROR]Invalid memory access

This is only when using GTK3 subsystem, with GTK2 there is no problem.

It's not a big deal for me - due to a number of other issues with GTK3 I'm currently remaining with GTK2. But I like to test with GTK3 occasionally to see the effect.

Interestingly this only happens when TabBarGadget is using default font (line 1937 is "DrawingFont(/FontID)"). When tested by explicitly setting the font using SetTabBarGadgetFont then there is no error, the program loads and runs. I prefer to leave it as default though.

Using PB 5.46 Beta 2 x86, on MX Linux XFCE 32-bit. TabBarGadget is 1.5 Beta 2 and is exactly as downloaded, no changes.

Same thing occurs with PB 5.61, line number is different and in a different procedure, but same command.

Of course I also use STARGĂ…TE's wonderful TabBarGadget on Windows and Mac and it works perfectly. It's used a lot in a big project so I can't post the actual code.

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