gagdet sizes are a mystery?

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gagdet sizes are a mystery?

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Linux mint 19.1 64bit PB5.7LTS

Useing the form designer to create a new window I put a few textgadgets etc on the form looks good.

When I run this all the gadgets are resized and look rubbish. After some investigation the gadgets are being resized to a minimum height needed to display the Font used when being displayed, not a behaviour I want. They are also not shown this way on the form designer?

Is there any way to turn this feature off? Or can the form designer have the same behaviour?

Also used Gadgetheight with return actual size which doesn't it returns the size you wanted it to be not the actual size. The actual displayed size is returned by Required size. You only see this if you set the height of the gadget less than the required size.
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Re: gagdet sizes are a mystery?

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The designer is implemented with his own drawing of the gadget and has nothing to do with the current OS. So you can use the designer to draw different OS. However, the minimum sizes of the different OS are not considered.

It is well known that sometimes under Linux with GTK3 the gadgets don't fit that well.

Take a look at the module ScaleGadgets. With these you can do an automatic size adjustment.
But this is still limited by Linux with the minimum sizes.

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