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Where to find game source code?
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Author:  BackupUser [ Wed Jan 08, 2003 3:55 am ]
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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by Amiga5k.

I'm thinking of trying Pure Basic, but I can't seem to find many examples of full programs (games or apps), other than the few very small examples on the home page.

Currently, I use Blitz Basic for the PC, which is totally awesome BTW, but is slightly lacking in the area of non-games programming (Games programming totally rocks with Blitz, especially Blitz 3D. Both are very fast and very easy.)

Thanks in advance.
Russell Jones

p.s. I downloaded the PB demo. In what way is it limited from the full version?

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Author:  BackupUser [ Wed Jan 08, 2003 12:39 pm ]
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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by Kale.

try this url for great code snippets and app/games for PB:


The demo is restricted to:
1) only 200 lines of code can be compiled
2) no dlls can be compiled
3) no WinApi stuff can be used.

Also note the demo is version 3.30, the current version is 3.50, which is faster, compiles to smaller .exe's and has loads of bug fixes, and even early 3D support which looks like its gonna be BIG NEWS when it matures!!! :)

on a final note if you decide to go Pure, the comunity found here on these forums is second to none! All are extremely helpful people.


New to PureBasic and falling in Love! :)

Author:  BackupUser [ Wed Jan 08, 2003 9:55 pm ]
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Restored from previous forum. Originally posted by Amiga5k.

Thanks for the tip on the website.

After reviewing the demo, I have to say I'm impressed! I use Blitz now, and Pure basic seems more like the 'old' Blitz on the Amiga (which is a good thing!). In comparison based on what I've seen so far, I'd say for games programming I'd give just a slight nod to Blitz for two reasons: The handling of Sprites and the sheer number of complete program examples Blitz has, including more than a dozen commercial programs.

*BUT* (and this is a big but!) Blitz has virtually no built-in support for gui elements, as yet (several user-made libraries exist that fix this. BlitzMax, an ever higher powered version of Blitz which includes API tie-ins, is in the works.)

I also use Powerbasic, which is the opposite of Blitz: It totally kicks butt in the area of API access and app development (with built-in functions for dialog control, etc), but lacks in the area of built-in gfx functions (several third party libraries are available).

PureBASIC seems like the best of both worlds! I hope they can continue to develop PB to its maximum.


***I snatch kisses!***

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