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Author:  bfernhout [ Thu May 03, 2018 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Finished game

I do not know if this is approved here, but my first program is finished. Its not a piece of art or the best way to program this. Its my very very very first game I ever made in a old Basic program. And had to convert it to Pb. Some pieces of the code are adjusted to work on PB. But for the most i leave it as it was. I like to do it. And hope i can do more like this type of games.

The page where the game and source code is : http://bartfernhout.magix.net/public/pure-basic.html

Its in dutch but the images are the download links. One for the game and one for the source code.

If you want to try it of look at it. Feel free. ITs made with PB 5.62.
Some graphics and sound are not mine and that i put in a readme file.


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