card game DLL and shared file for linux

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card game DLL and shared file for linux

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Back in 2015 i posted the below message is there any interest in making a custom DLL for windows and a shared file for linux for card games, cards.dll for windows is ok but could be a lot better and i would rather have a tool that is not under copyright. It would also make the code base much better for both windows and linux. i am working on the blackjack sim again getting a lot done last few days.

Hi all To anyone who has read my questions in coding i am writing a BLACKJACK Simulator. This program will work like a real blackjack table in a casino in every way. Every rule you can think of will be able to be set. you will also be able to test different betting systems and counting systems. To that end I would like to make it simple for anyone else who wants to make card games see below. By the way there is a fairly easy way to beat black jack. but you need to know when to pull cards and how to bet. Tip if you bet the same all the time you lose way more then you will ever make long term. Fact basic strategy by itself is not a winning way.

A long time ago i found a 3'd party DLL called it is meant to be used for card games. It has a very clean interface and some nice routines it also draws all the cards. The cards drawn are some of the best i have seen. makes using the cards.dll in windows look sick.

My idea was to do my own so as to update this DLL and also do a shared file for linux. Said files would then be released so anyone could use them to make card games. What i need to know is this.

#1 what is the simplest code example for both a DLL and a shared file for linux.
#2 anyway to take card images and in code them into the DLL or shard file. There would be procedures in the DLL to draw and place the cards and do all the animation so as to make the code simpler for anyone using the DLL.

If the above proves to much to do in a timely manor. I can draw my own cards and do my own routines and at a later date perhaps in code said routines into a DLL. The advantage to the above would be one code base for both windows and linux card games. and i can do a lot of the hard code in the DLL so as to make it real easy to crank out card games. >>>DAN<<<.