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22 days in France (match 3 Français, English, Deutsch, Espan
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Author:  jak64 [ Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  22 days in France (match 3 Français, English, Deutsch, Espan

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Author:  jak64 [ Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 22 days in France (match 3 Français, English, Deutsch, E

Hello everyone,
As I wrote in this forum, some time ago (it was last May, see "Match 3 (under development)", I made progress on the programming of this game.
I will name it "22 days in France" because it is about visiting the 22 (old) regions of France (eg Alsace, Aquitaine, Corsica, Brittany ...) in 22 days. I am also thinking of our overseas friends and I will rejuvenate these departments and territories.
Currently, I can play it, but it is quite incomplete, moreover, it will weigh several hundred MB because there will be a lot of photos of the regions visited, which is why I am not making it available now. I hope to do so within a few weeks, even though there will only be 2 fully operational regions.

1) On this, I would need the help of all the "Purebasicophiles" and others ...
I get the photos, drawings, illustrations (copyright issue) on the site "https://pixabay.com/fr/" because the rights are free but in addition, it is not required to put the credits (name of authors, etc ...). If you could give me access to photos that you would have taken of your region (sites, landscapes, city, tourist spots, zoos, whatever is possible) by giving me permission to include them in the program, that's for me. would help greatly.

2) On the other hand, when I will make it available on the site (I am speaking to the specialists of the site), as it will weigh several hundred MB (with hundreds of photos, among others), what means will I have (site?) who will accept such a size?

Now back to the game:
Its particularity (compared to other games of the genre I've played (I really like Match 3 games):

1) There are 22 regions to visit but in each game the order of the regions will be different
2) the number of grids to be made per region will be between 6 and 8 (and will vary with each game)
3) the grids for each region are drawn at random and will therefore be different each time (never the same grids for a given region)
4) The objects to be reconstructed (mode of transport, restaurant, hotel, visits, refreshments, sweets, sports activity, entertainment) will also be different each time
5) the photos and comments will also be different (for example, several photos of Strasbourg Cathedral)
6) There are no "lives", when you exceed the time limit to finish a grid, 30 seconds are added to redo it (I will see if after 3 times, I come back to the previous level) .
7) in addition, it will be available in 4 languages ​​(French, English, German, Spanish)

The saves are done automatically when closing the game, not full of intermediate screens.

I have already burned gas on this program (it is currently in the 5,300 lines and it is not finished), but hey, I am 65 years old (in fact, next September 23), 41 professional years of 'IT and I have lived in a magnificent region for 1 year (Ciboure, it touches Saint-Jean de Luz) in the Basque Country and I have always liked programming even if I had many other functions in my professional life. .

That's it for the moment, I put some pictures of the game as it is now.

See you soon

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