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 Post subject: PB IDE Explorer off-base, How to Reset it?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:54 pm 

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I've got lots of source code I've downloaded, and have begun work on my own. I'm trying to organize it all by folders. The Explorer has gotten off-base, meaning it only sees copy.png to save.png files now, and I have to hit the parent (^ ..) choice a couple of times to get back to the sources folder.

There is no browse capability, and it does not show what folder it is currently in. That makes it hard to work with code organized into multiple folders. I looked under Preferences, and there is no way to reset the Explorer view. So I guess I would have to unzip the IDE again to get it back to where it was. Which would work, as far as that went, but would still not be great. It needs to have a tree structure to navigate with, and indications where called modules are located, with the ability to quickly access any of those modules or explore others, meaning access to various paths.

Another limitation is finding modules with representative code in them. I was trying to find some example code involving strings in Data. It was not in the help section (which should have the Index adjust to center whatever word is in the Search box). That only dealt with numbers. Nor did the help section show if you needed a Data statement at the start of each and every contiguous line. One might assume so, but not true in all languages.

To find code, I finally had to resort to terminal mode and use the following command:
> tmp.txt; find . -type f -name "*.pb*" -exec grep  -Hn "Data.s" -Hnr {} + >> tmp.txt; cat tmp.txt | more

Hint: The -r after grep is not necessary, and is only useful if you don't specify "-type f" with find. If neither is included, then the subfolders will be listed on the screen as they are encountered. The listing of the subfolders may be useful, if the search is a long one, as it might be, as getting something on the screen shows progress. Including '-type f -name "*.pb*"' as part of find makes most searches really fast though.

I'm no genius. I just lumped some different approaches to doing this together that I found on a search of the internet. But I knew what to search for. Others might not. And this is a Bash shell approach, not applicable to Windows.

I'm thinking that Explorer, to live up to its name, should have such a feature built into it. Or maybe it should be added to the Help section. Maybe better with Explorer, as it could then just search a part of its tree view as directed, rather than from the current directory, thereby replacing the period with a specific folder's path. If working with a project, it could even be refined to search specific folders or kinds of files.

The command I provided above is not ideal. For one thing, everything gets jammed onto one line.
It might be better to eliminate the path from the results, or have the path/filename separated onto their own line, or maybe have the line number split off with them. Then you would see the actual line contents displayed on its own. But I could not find a way to make this happen, unless I wrote a program for the purpose.

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