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 Post subject: More speed up, How to write? 2 loops + 1 flag
PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:30 am 
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Today, I abandon My music software to shareware. coz, alone...
I want to more optimize follows code. EndThread flg need.
and I want to use ! FASM code.

I don't know protect for purebasic inter variable.

My music software completed making. Just hi-end sounds impression.
overtook "Foobar2000", "Fidelia advance", "AIMP", and other software.
But weak point is heavy process.

Bug head Ver1.752 execute binary ... php?id=262

Procedure LPF2048(*buffer_audio_ptr, *lpf_table_ptr, *out_buffer_ptr)
  ; Thanks "Wilbert in Netherlands"
  !MOV Ecx, [p.p_lpf_table_ptr]
  !MOV Edx, [p.p_buffer_audio_ptr]
  !SUB Edx, 8184
  !PXOR xmm2, xmm2
  !MOV Eax, 2047
  !align 4
  !movq xmm0, [Ecx] ; sinc
  !movlhps xmm0, xmm0
  !cvtps2pd xmm1, [Edx] ; L + R
  !mulpd xmm1, xmm0
  !ADDPD xmm2, xmm1
  !ADD Ecx, 8
  !ADD Edx, 8
  !DEC Eax
  !JNZ InterLoop
  !cvtpd2ps xmm2, xmm2
  !MOV Edx, [p.p_out_buffer_ptr]
  !movq [Edx], xmm2

;/ I want to follow code, more optimize.
Procedure LowPathFilter()
  Shared EndThread.b
  For pos=0 To length Step 8
    LPF2048(*in+pos+8192*2, *lpf_table2048, *out+pos)
    If EndThread
;/ END

Procedure Main()
  Shared EndThread.b = 0
  Protected Thread.l
  Thread.l = CreateThread(@LowPathFilter(),0)
  While IsThread(Thread) : Delay(1) : Wend

Thank you

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