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[Done][5.72] New default gadget font on Windows
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Author:  Little John [ Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  [Done][5.72] New default gadget font on Windows

On Windows, the default gadget font in prior PB versions was MS Shell Dlg, 8 pt.
Now in PB 5.72 LTS it is Segoe UI, 9 pt, see Font Problem with 5.72.

This will affect most of our Windows GUI programs that were created with PB versions prior to 5.72, and has to be documented in the History section of the Help.
It should also be mentioned in the Migrating from an old version of PureBasic section, with an additional note about how to set the old default font for compatibility:
Fred wrote:
use SetGadgetFont(#PB_Default, GetStockObject_(#DEFAULT_GUI_FONT)) before any gadget creation

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