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 Post subject: WinAPI - Incorrect number of parameters
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:50 am 
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This is a list of functions that can be called from purebasic but with the wrong number of parameters
data taken from msdn
AllocateNtmsMedia_(hSession, lpMediaPool, lpPartId, lpMediaId, dwOptions, dwTimeout, lpAllocateInformation)
AssocCreate_(clsid, riid, *ppv)
CheckSumMappedFile_(BaseAddress, FileLength, HeaderSum, CheckSum)
CreateDeviceLinkProfile_(pahProfiles, nProfiles, padwIntent, nIntents, dwFlags, pProfileData, indexPreferredCMM)
DAD_DragEnterEx_(hwndTarget, ptStart)
DeleteUrlCacheGroup_(GroupId, dwFlags, lpReserved)
DragDetect_(hwnd, pt)
FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx_(lpszUrlSearchPattern, dwFlags, dwFilter, GroupId, lpFirstCacheEntryInfo, lpdwEntryInfo, lpGroupAttributes, lpcbGroupAttributes, lpReserved)
GetUrlCacheGroupAttribute_(gid, dwFlags, dwAttributes, lpGroupInfo, lpdwGroupInfo, lpReserved)
HitTestThemeBackground_(hTheme, hdc, iPartId, iStateId, dwOptions, pRect, hrgn, ptTest, *pwHitTestCode)
ImageGetDigestStream_(FileHandle, DigestLevel, DigestFunction, DigestHandle)
MountNtmsMedia_(hSession, lpMediaId, lpDriveId, dwCount, dwOptions, dwPriority, dwTimeout, lpMountInformation)
OleLoadPictureFile_(varFileName, *lplpdispPicture)
SetupDiDrawMiniIcon_(hdc, rc, MiniIconIndex, Flags)
SetupDiGetClassDevPropertySheets_(DeviceInfoSet, DeviceInfoData, PropertySheetHeader, PropertySheetHeaderPageListSize, RequiredSize, PropertySheetType)
SetUrlCacheEntryGroup_(lpszUrlName, dwFlags, GroupId, pbGroupAttributes, cbGroupAttributes, lpReserved)
SetUrlCacheGroupAttribute_(gid, dwFlags, dwAttributes, lpGroupInfo, lpReserved)
StrFormatKBSize_(qdw.q, pszBuf.p-unicode, cchBuf)
UrlMkSetSessionOption_(dwOption, pBuffer, dwBufferLength, dwReserved)
VarBoolFromCy_(cyIn, *pboolOut)
VarBoolFromDate_(dateIn, *pboolOut)
VarBoolFromR8_(dblIn, *pboolOut)
VarBstrFromCy_(cyIn, lcid, dwFlags, *pbstrOut)
VarBstrFromDate_(dateIn, lcid, dwFlags, *pbstrOut)
VarBstrFromR8_(dblIn, lcid, dwFlags, *pbstrOut)
VarCyFromDate_(dateIn, *pcyOut)
VarCyFromR8_(dblIn, *pcyOut)
VarDateFromCy_(cyIn, *pdateOut)
VarDateFromR8_(dblIn, *pdateOut)
VarDecFromCy_(cyIn, *pdecOut)
VarDecFromDate_(dateIn, *pdecOut)
VarDecFromR8_(dblIn, *pdecOut)
VarI1FromCy_(cyIn, *pcOut)
VarI1FromDate_(dateIn, *pcOut)
VarI1FromR8_(dblIn, *pcOut)
VarI2FromCy_(cyIn, *psOut)
VarI2FromDate_(dateIn, *psOut)
VarI2FromR8_(dblIn, *psOut)
VarI4FromCy_(cyIn, *plOut)
VarI4FromDate_(dateIn, *plOut)
VarI4FromR8_(dblIn, *plOut)
VarR4FromCy_(cyIn, *pfltOut)
VarR4FromDate_(dateIn, *pfltOut)
VarR4FromR8_(dblIn, *pfltOut)
VarR8FromCy_(cyIn, *pdblOut)
VarR8FromDate_(dateIn, *pdblOut)
VarUdateFromDate_(dateIn, dwFlags, *pudateOut)
VarUI1FromCy_(cyIn, *pbOut)
VarUI1FromDate_(dateIn, *pbOut)
VarUI1FromR8_(dblIn, *pbOut)
VarUI2FromCy_(cyIn, *puiOut)
VarUI2FromDate_(dateIn, *puiOut)
VarUI2FromR8_(dblIn, *puiOut)
VarUI4FromCy_(cyIn, *pulOut)
VarUI4FromDate_(dateIn, *pulOut)
VarUI4FromR8_(dblIn, *pulOut)

DragDetect_(hwnd, pt) ... dragdetect

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