webgadget and cookies

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webgadget and cookies

Post by bacardirigoman »


I'm using the webgadget for a small administration tool. This administration tool is using cookies.
All is working fine until I try to open a popup (for example with javascript window.open('foo') ).

In the popup it seems so, that the cooies are not availble :( .
Does anybody know how I can solve that problem?
Is that a known bug?
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Post by Rescator »

Check Internet Explorer settings.

I think the Webgadget just directly uses the MSHTML engine.
While Internet Explorer does a lot of preprocessing before using MSHTML

So it is possible that the IE security settings prevent the cookies from working in the popup window (which really is a IE window, as oposed to the Webgadget which is NOT a IE window)

Note! Due to this it is possible the Webgadget can have some security issues,
so please check that certain IE exploits is also blocked in the Webgadget.
(I suspect the IE exploit "fixes" are in IE only and not the underlaying MSHTML engine)

Does anyone know that? Does IE/Windows secrurity/privacy settings affect the Webgadget as well? Or just IE windows (or in bacardirigoman's case webgadget launched popup windows?)
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Post by bluejoke »

I know this problem this problem from a report in the german forum.
I think it's not solved yet.
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