PB 5.00 IDE Bug (Scintilla?) - Select line

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PB 5.00 IDE Bug (Scintilla?) - Select line

Post by sharkpeter »


if you select a single line from displayed line number and you don´t left the line number, then the selection is failed,
when open the menu :(

If you select more as one line, all is good.

Please show this video for the problem: http://www.jhc-software.de/test/PB5_IDE_Select.avi

Video by Falko, thank you.

The problem you find also here: http://forums.purebasic.com/german/view ... bf#p306787

No problems in PB 4.6x ... If you use the old scintilla.dll in PB 5.00, everything is fine ...

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Re: PB 5.00 IDE Bug (Scintilla?) - Select line

Post by skywalk »

I see the same behavior in NotePad++.
If you Right-Mouse Click outside of a current selection(1 or many lines), then the selection is unhilighted.
I think this is intended?
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Re: PB 5.00 IDE Bug (Scintilla?) - Select line

Post by Falko »

But, if you click in the PB-IDE on menu and copy, the selection do not unhilighting this selection.

Or the keyboard by pressing the dialogue does what makes the right mouse button.
The selection is highlighted.

PB 4.6 and his scintilla don't unhilighted if click right Mousekey.

Sorry for my english.
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Re: PB 5.00 IDE Bug (Scintilla?) - Select line

Post by Fred »

Also the same behaviour in VS2012, so I think it's more a personnal preference than a real bug. I also find this behaviour OK.
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