Set own classname on window and gadget

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Set own classname on window and gadget

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Set own classname on OpenWindow() and CanvasGadget() would be a great improvement.

The Classnames used by purebasic are okay in most cases, or do not bother much.
From my point of view, there is at least a difference in windows and canvas.
Here it would be very useful if the classnames could be specified when creating the windows/gadgets.

Examples of the existing Gadget classname combination
PB-Gadget -> Classname
ButtonGadget -> Button
CheckBoxGadget -> Button
StringGadget -> Edit
CanvasGadget -> PureCanvas -> many new gadgets based on this gadget, they could use there own classname
ListIconGadget -> SysListView32
ListViewGadget -> ListBox

On Windows there are classnames like WindowClass_# (I have seen WindowClass_0, WindowClass_1, WindowClass_2)

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