Always show systray icon in notification area

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Re: Always show systray icon in notification area

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Little John wrote: Sat Dec 02, 2023 11:02 pm Hi, the most recent contributions to this topic are in this thread in the Tricks 'n' Tips section.
There Axolotl wrote: Yes, as far as I understood, this behavior was introduced in the 22H2 release of win11.
Ah, that's interesting, many thanks Little John. Actually, the non-updated Windows 10 system here didn't initially show my application's icon, but I believe that was because the system tray was cluttered already. The Windows Server system shows the full system tray anyway, which I prefer.

This application is due to be installed on a set of up-to-date systems anyway, including Windows 11. Fingers crossed, it will work. Thanks again.
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