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 Post subject: F.A.Q for PureBasic
PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:10 pm 
PureBasic Guru
PureBasic Guru

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Welcome to the PureBasic forums! :)

These forums contain tons of code and valuable answers to many questions.
So, to have your question answered as quickly as possible, you should first
try searching the entire forums using your keyword(s) as follows, as most
beginner questions have been answered many times over. However, for your
convenience, some of the more frequently asked questions are listed below,
although mainly for Windows users. To search the forums:

(1) Click the Search link at the top-right of this page.
(2) Select Search for all terms for more accurate results.
(3) Type in all relevant keywords (not partial words!).
(4) Click the Search button.

Enjoy your visit, and welcome to the PureBasic community!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is a good introduction to PureBasic for beginners?
Either of these two sites have good information:

Is there an online reference to all PureBasic commands?

Why does pasting examples from these forums result in no line breaks?
This occurs if the example wasn't enclosed in "code" tags. Just paste such
examples into WordPad to correct them, and then copy/paste from there into
the PureBasic editor.

Is possible to create a real DOS application in PureBasic?
No, but see: viewtopic.php?t=8305

Where can I download third-party user libraries?
A good library collection is at:

Where can I download a list of Win32 API constants/flags?

1. How do I get some good help about Win32 API commands?
2. What does "Cannot find the Win32.hlp file" mean?
3. Why do some commands end in an underscore?


How do I convert "&HFF" in Visual Basic, to PureBasic?
Just replace the &H part with $, thus &HFF is $FF in PureBasic.

How can I do For/Next with a variable for the Step value?

Editing / Form Design

Are there any visual form designers for PureBasic?
PureBasic has a built-in Visual Designer. Or, try these:

How do I enter Unicode characters into the editor?
File menu -> Preferences -> Editor topic -> Use UTF8 encoding.

How can I comment a large group of lines?
Use CTRL+B / ALT+B in the editor, or try this:


How do I know which OS my app is being compiled on?

How do I know which version of Windows my app is running on?

How do I get the executable name of my app?
a$=Space(999) : GetModuleFilename_(0,@a$,999) : appname$=GetFilePart(a$)

How do I know which folder my app was run from?
a$=Space(999) : GetModuleFileName_(0,@a$,999) : appdir$=GetPathPart(a$)

How do I delete my executable after it's finished running?

How do I detect a right mouse click on a gadget?
Most gadgets return an EventType of #PB_EventType_RightClick, or see:

How do I stop my app from being run twice at the same time?

How do I make my gadgets auto-resize when the user resizes the window?

How do I get the pixel width of a string of text?

How do I drag-and-drop a file onto my app's window?

How do I get my app to run at Windows bootup?

How do I hide my app from the CTRL+ALT+DEL task list?

How do I stop my app's window showing in the TaskBar?

How do I make my app's window be always on top of all others?

How do I get a multi-line input requester?

How do I get a multi-line string gadget?

How do I stop the "ding" sound of a string gadget?


How do I check if a file exists?
If FileSize(file$)=-1 : Debug file$+" does not exist" : EndIf

How do I add a line of text to a text file?

How do I send a file to the Recycle Bin instead of deleting it?

How do I search my hard drive for a specific file?

Internet / Communications

How can I check if my PC is online or offline?

How do I connect to my ISP automatically?

How do I download a file from a web page?

How do I send an e-mail?

How do I receive an e-mail?


Why does Str(100/3) result in 33 and not 33.333?
Because the result is of Float type, so use StrF(100/3) instead.

How do I perform a hex-to-decimal conversion?

Windows Operating System

How do I send keystrokes to another application?

How do I create a shortcut to a file?

How do I clear the recent documents menu?

How do I add a document to the recent documents menu?

How do I take a screenshot of the Desktop?

How do I reboot or shutdown my PC?

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