Has anyone used PureBasic with Node.js?

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Has anyone used PureBasic with Node.js?

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I am just wondering if anyone has used Purebasic with Node.js. What I am thinking is that Node.js would call Purebasic to execute the request. The idea is similar to Freak's ISAPI extension except that it would be working with Node.j not IIS.

I use the ISAPI extension a lot with IIS but now I have a need to do similar things with Node.js and would prefer to stay with Purebasic rather than having to develop the backend with Javascript.

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Re: Has anyone used PureBasic with Node.js?

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I use PureBasic for backend stuff. My latest backend services use FastCGI, which works pretty well. Especially because PB does not support SSL natively. So having it as a FastCGI service, i can have Apache provide the SSL connection.
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